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Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History Tour

This is a great event where you can step back in time and relive the days of the dinosaurs and more.  At the same time, meet some fun people, make some new friends at this great informal event.

How it works Itinerary
The tour starts at 2 PM SHARP, however we will have a pre-mingle at 11:45 am  at a local bar/pub (location announced only to those who registered/paid) where we will introduce you to the other attendees and give you admission tickets to the museum.

Next we head to the museum for a Guided Group Tour of Museum Highlights, followed by the Imax Movie and then special exhibit (Spiders Alive).  

Note: This event is open to all ages and is not meant to be gender/age specific.  Please attend if you have an interest in the museum and are looking to meet other fun people.

Meeting Locations
Our host will greet you, and introduce you to other people in the group.

NOTE:  You must pick up your tickets at the pre-mingle location no later than 1:15.  If you arrive after 1:30 you will not be able to find the group.

11:45 AM- 1:15 PM- Premingle and pick up admission tickets.  

*2PM- Group Tour
3:30 PM- Imax Movie
*4:30 PM- Planetarium
show or Special Exhibit

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