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Comedy Hypnotist
Everyone (including you) will be entertained and amazed. Witness volunteers enjoying The Journey of a Lifetime in Dan LaRosas Concert of Hypnotism. 


Seeing is believing and giggling and laughing and screaming and witnessing the most incredible show. Watch your friends dance like prima donna ballerinas and then turn into 5 year olds! Listen to a concert by people who actually think theyre famous rock stars--- even though they cant sing a note. Witness people right next to you fall asleep at the snap of a finger---and maybe even become hypnotized yourself. Sound impossible? Then dont miss this rare chance to see for yourself why Dan LaRosa has been called the most astounding show in corporate entertainment.... its an experience you will never forget!


For the past 20 years Dan LaRosa has gained respect throughout the world as the Humorous Hypnotist, presenting his comedy hypnosis show in Europe and the United States for major corporations, universities, and military installations. This past September he completed his fourteenth European tour. 

His theatrical hypnosis performances are captivating, thought provoking and fun for all! In addition to DEMONSTRATING THE FUNNY AND DRAMATIC SIDE OF HYPNOSIS, DAN LAROSA has helped other people banish unwanted habits, dramatically improve sales and athletic performance, increase personal power, and has published articles on the benefits of stress reduction through hypnosis. Dan is a certified master hypnotist and an instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists and a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. He was recently elected by other hypnotists to the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame, and is fondly referred to by them, as the doctor of dreams.


Dan LaRosa

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