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Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions that are not answered in the "Frequently Asked Questions" below.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A.   It depends on the type of the event.  Many of the events require us to purchase tickets in advance and we are not able to get refunded ourselves.  The following is a guide.. If you do not see the event listed below and have questions about the refund policy, feel free to contact us.
  • Show  & Concerts- Including Broadway, Off Broadway/All other Events -  If you cancel within five days of the event, a $50.00 refund fee per ticket will be assessed.    No refund or credit will be issued/ for same day cancellations or cancellations within 1-4 days.  If we are able to sell your ticket at the regular price, we will try to give you some type of credit towards another event.

  • Museums, Zoo, Baseball Games- If you cancel within Five days, a $25.00 per ticket fee will be assessed.    If you cancel 2-4 days prior to the event, you can receive credit towards another event.  No refund or credit will be issued for same day or day before cancellations.

  • Comedy Club, Walking Tours, Trivia- If you cancel within Five days, a $7 ticket processing fee will be assessed.  Canceling two to four days prior to the event, you will receive credit towards another event.  No refund or credits for same day or one day before cancellations.

Q: I get sick at the last minute and can't make the event, what is the policy for this or same day cancellations?

A: Things do come up in life last minute, but we can't issue a credit or refund for same day/last minute cancellations.  It is the same concept as having tickets to a Baseball game and not being able to make it.   We have limited number of seats per event.   

Q: How Does events work?

A: Events are a fantastic way for you to enjoy an activity or event, but not go alone.  Events are not meant to be age specific or gender balanced, rather are activity centric.  If you want to meet some fun new people who share a common interest about a specific event/activity, then we are for you.    Occasionally, we will have more of a general mingle so you can make some new friends and expand your social circle.  

Q: Do I need to pay in advance?

A: Most of the events do require prepayment.  Some events such as trivia or mingles will allow cash at the door (if space is available), but you will pay more than if you prepaid.  

Q: I am having trouble making a Reservation. What should I do?

A: Please contact us at 718-757-6933 and we will gladly help you through the registration process.

Q: Where/ What type of events  do you have?

A:  This is not a full list, but we have events at the Museum of Natural History, MOMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Governs Comedy Club, Society Billiards NYC, Walking Tours, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field and much more.

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