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Speed Bowling
Long Island Bowling & NY Bowling for fun people

How it works
Women will be paired up into teams of three and Men will be paired up into teams of three. Don't worry if you are coming alone or do not have three people to sign up. People will arrive early so you will have time to mingle with ice breakers and we will help create the teams. Each team will stay together throughout the event.

Next the fun begins. We will have one male team and one female team stationed at each bowling lane. This male and female team (known as a group) will combine to bowl one 10 frame game. Remember, you are not bowling an entire game yourself. This is a group effort. 

A person from the female team will bowl a frame. Next, a member of the male team will bowl a frame. Then female number two bowls a frame followed by male number two. The process continues until all ten frames are bowled. During this time all of the members of the group will be getting to know each other. Which ever group has the highest score at the end of each game will win a prize.

At the end of the game, the ladies will stay at the same lane. The male team will rotate to the next lane and the process begins again. We will continue for either two hours or until you have met everyone.

Note: You can still attend and be a member of a team even if you do not want to bowl. 

What is included?
Bowling, Prize Giveaways, Light appetizers will be included at the event

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